Profile-Based Authorship Analysis

Dunn, J; Argamon, S; Rasooli, A.; & Kumar, G. (2016) “Profile-Based Authorship Analysis.” Digital Scholarship in the Humanities, 31(4): 689-710. Abstract. This article presents a profile-based authorship analysis method which first categorizes texts according to social and conceptual characteristics of their author (e.g. Sex and Political Ideology) and then combines these profiles for two authorship … More Profile-Based Authorship Analysis

Finding Variants for Construction-Based Dialectometry

Dunn, J. (2018). “Finding Variants for Construction-Based Dialectometry: A Corpus-Based Approach to Regional CxGs.” Cognitive Linguistics, 29(2): 275-311. Abstract. This paper develops a construction-based dialectometry capable of identifying previously unknown constructions and measuring the degree to which a given construction is subject to regional variation. The central idea is to learn a grammar of constructions … More Finding Variants for Construction-Based Dialectometry