Computational Learning of Construction Grammars

Dunn, J. (2017). “Computational Learning of Construction Grammars.” Language and Cognition, 9(2): 254-292. Abstract. This paper presents an algorithm for learning the construction grammar of a language from a large corpus. This grammar induction algorithm has two goals: first, to show that construction grammars are learnable without highly specified innate structure; second, to develop a … More Computational Learning of Construction Grammars

Multi-Unit Directional Measures of Association

Dunn, J. (2018). “Multi-Unit Directional Measures of Association: Moving Beyond Pairs of Words.” International Journal of Corpus Linguistics, 23(2): 183-215. Abstract. This paper formulates and evaluates a series of multi-unit measures of directional association, building on the pairwise ΔP measure, that are able to quantify association in sequences of varying length and type of representation. … More Multi-Unit Directional Measures of Association