Modeling Abstractness and Metaphoricity

Dunn, J. (2015) “Modeling Abstractness and Metaphoricity.” Metaphor & Symbol, 30(4): 259-289. Abstract. This paper presents and evaluates a model of how the abstractness of source and target concepts influences metaphoricity, the property of how metaphoric a linguistic metaphoric expression is. The purpose of this is to investigate the long-standing claim that metaphoric mappings are … More Modeling Abstractness and Metaphoricity

Three Types of Metaphoric Utterances

Dunn, J. (2015). “Three Types of Metaphoric Utterances That Can Synthesize Theories of Metaphor.” Metaphor & Symbol, 30(1): 1-23. Abstract. This article argues that there are three types of metaphoric utterances that can be defined by (a) the contextual stability of the utterance’s interpretation and (b) the presence or absence of a conceptual source–target mapping. … More Three Types of Metaphoric Utterances