Teaching NLP

If you’re interested in learning more about computational linguistics (i.e., natural language processing), try my free edX courses:

Introduction to Text Analytics in Python: Learn the core techniques of text analytics alongside the cognitive science that makes it all possible.

Visualizing Text Analytics in Python: Extend your knowledge of core techniques of the text analytics field by looking at how to make sense of the output of models.

Description. Learn the core techniques of text analytics and natural language processing (NLP) while discovering the cognitive science that makes it all possible.

On the practical side, you’ll learn how to actually do an analysis in Python: creating pipelines for text classification and text similarity using machine learning. These pipelines are automated workflows that go all the way from data collection to visualization.

On the scientific side, you’ll learn what it means to understand language computationally. Artificial intelligence and humans don’t view text documents in the same way. Sometimes deep learning sees patterns that are invisible to us. But often deep learning misses the obvious. We have to understand the limits of a computational approach to language together with the ethical requirements that guide how we choose what data to use and how we protect the privacy of individuals.

Here’s the Python package I made to introduce students to NLP: